MISS NINE: Nice package, thanks!

ALDRIN: Will McGlone & Jelly For The Babies remixes for me

ROBERT OWENS: Great remix from McGlone!

SONIC UNION: Nice EP here! will grab the pack and give it a try!

OLIVER MOLDAN: Will deffo try out


KELLERKIND: Original for me!

DALE MIDDLETON: All versions are great  really like Jelly & Wills! Support!

LUIS BONDIO: Good stuff  thanks

LONYA: Will try Central Rodeo and Jelly For The Babies mixes!


Marc Pollen brings Mirabilis into 2014 with his brilliant 'The Way Of Life' along with three great remixes and new additions to our roster: Central Rodeo, Jelly For The Babies and Will McGlone!

Marc's original is all about the deeper feeling with plenty of synth lines that bring emotions and a hypnotic arp line that gets stuck in your head while the driving but yet gentle bass line and vocal snippets give the extra touch along with the silky groove.

Central Rodeo take things on towards the darker and dirtier edge. The groove blends perfectly with the cleverly programmed groove elements. The pitched down and heavily effected vocal snippets together with the sinister soundscapes add some extra twisted feel to their remix.

Jelly For The Babies make a clever use of the original elements and adds his own trademark sound with plenty of musical action and crisp beats to create a rather warm and gentle but still powerful version.

Will McGlone delivers another cracking remix driven by a potent bass line that works so well with the crafted beats. On the top of that simple but powerful chord lines and some sonic bleeps space things out a little.

This should find its way into many sets with plenty of mixes delivering each and every one something a bit different!

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